burning me beautiful...

i have decided to take up my cross and follow Jesus. i am laying down my life for Him. i could list hundreds of amazing things that He has done, but i will just say this. He is worth it. i've seen what this world has to offer and nothing compares with Jesus Christ. i don't know what it's gonna look like, but i know that it's all for love. i'll share my passion with you. check it out. what a beautiful waste...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

skyy told me to...again

well, it's about that time again. skyy gave me a lil kick in the blogging butt. so here i am. God rocks. life rocks. my family rocks. my friends rock. man, i love the full moon. i love you people. i'm in saint john for the turkey weekend. seeing some beautiful people. man, it's so good. still working at starbucks. loving it. i'm in fredericton for the long haul. don't know when i'll get a computer. gotta pay off my credit card first. life is so good. definitely got my share of challenges but it's the bomb. my mom is sending me to get a movie...the lakehouse. i'll be back...someday. here's a picture of me in mozambique. don't judge. i was getting into the culture.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

skyy told me to

hello world.
or maybe the 6 people that still read my blog.

i don't have a computer. i really want one...a macbook. so, if any of you want to give me one, let me know. i'll take it off your hands. foreal.

that is why i do not update my life. i will someday soon (as soon as one of you gives me a laptop). i realized recently that i really want to share my life with people. quirky things happen to me somedays and i like to tell. if you want to hear about my life, give me a computer.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

a place to rest my head at night

so i've definitely been searching for an apartment with my good friend, James, for the past few weeks. we thought we had one all lined up, but then it got rented to someone else. so we looked some more on tuesday, went to see a place, loved it, filled out an application for it, and they called us yesterday to tell us that they wanted us to have it. it's fantastic. for anyone who know's fredericton, it's on the north side right close to the walking bridge. it's a super old house. but not dumpy old; history old. it's about 1000 square feet. 3 bedrooms. i can't wait for everyone to see it. anyway, i just drove danica to the airport. it's now 6:30 am. i've been up for 2 hours. i have the next 2 days off work. hoping to hang out with some francophones. but i think i shall sleep now. until next time.

the world still turns...

Friday, July 14, 2006

just dance...

i'm no dancer, but this is what life is beginning to look like for me:


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ne pas ordinateur

ah yes. i almost forgot. i do not have a computer. that is probably the main reason you rarely hear from me (whoever you are). feel free to buy me one. an apple, that is. i would greatly appreciate it. maybe, i'd even take you to see a movie, or buy you a milkshake. that would be grand.

p.s. i miss my niece and nephew. :(

superman returns

well, i know i'm not exactly superman, but i did see the movie. not too shabby.

i guess this is one of my not too often appearances on this blogish thing. i don't even know if anyone reads this anymore. if you do, you're in for a treat...maybe.

i just wanted to let everyone know that i work at starbucks and it's fantastic.

and i love the world.


p.s. i love you, too.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

did i tell you i was in fredericton?

well, friends.
i am most certainly a permanent resident of fredericton. this is different than any other time i've been away from "home". well, what used to be home. i am home now. this move is totally open-ended. i don't know how long i will be here, but i have a feeling it will be for some time. i am having a phenomenal time. it definitely seems to be God's timing for me to be here. i'm not doing a whole lot. just working my job and spending lots of time with my amazing family here. what wonderful people God has blessed me with!

at the same time, there is still some inner turmoil and shifting going on with in me. it's good, though. i'm just being me; being vulnerable and open; letting God change my heart. i'm not trying to do anything ministry-wise. at least, what would normally be considered ministry in our christian lingo. i am continuing to love people in whatever context i find myself in. i guess that's what Jesus said to do. so maybe i am ministering. ah, love. what a wonderful thing. didn't He say something about people knowing who we are because of our love. seems like a pretty important thing to me.

i was in Saint John today. i had a meeting for work. it was decent. we went out for supper afterwards. i feel like i don't have to eat again for a week. i had lunch with my good friend, Robin Ellingwood. he's super.

a wonderful friend of mine said these words to me once, and i wanted to share them again (i think i blogged about them before). take these words to heart. here they be:

"there's this beautiful freedom once we really grasp that our lives are not our own. freedom from insecurity, freedom from frear, freedom from limitation, from money, even from your body. you just learn to live in the spirit."

another great man said this: "it is for freedom that Christ has set you free. do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."

i truly, simply just want to be free. i do believe that is what Jesus died for.

but Jesus, i had tickets to the Super Bowl!

check out these videos made by a church in raleigh, north carolina.
these videos were made with the express intent to show some of the misconceptions people have about who Jesus is and what it means to be a christian. these are very over the top and ridiculous at times. they are also extremely hilarious. watch them if you want to. think about them. some people actually perceive Jesus and His followers in the way that they are presented in these videos. and i'm one to admit that we haven't always done a good job of showing people what it means to follow Jesus. anyway, here they are:


here is the link to the church's website. it looks like a pretty rad community.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

the one with no title

hey guys.
i'm almost in fredericton. i'll be all moved in sometime tomorrow. the rain has been pouring for 2 days here. lots of water on the road. i don't have a computer in my new city. therefore, i may not be on here for a while. don't worry. you will survive. i'm soooooooooooo tired. i'll be getting settled in for the next lil while...working, getting a computer, getting a phone, hiring some people. i think i need a lil rest first. i love you all.
see you soon.